Graphical job advert V Textual job advert

Being a #digital #product #developer, I like aesthetics however my focus is always on user experience and usability. These days it is a common trend to create graphical job adverts and share them on different social media platforms but question arise is: Whether those are productive or counterproductive?


Textual adverts really don’t have visualization at all, they look dull and mostly filled with TMI (too much information) bumping into each other. Headhunters often forget their audience and they try to post every bit of information on their job advert as they possibly could, which is often not easy on eyes and put off many job seekers. However, graphical advert really stands out in this department, as they are catchy, easy on eyes, have clearly stated bullet points which consist of totally relevant information. Therefore in visualization, graphical adverts really are productive.

#Search Engine Optimization

The goal of every job advert is to reach out to the maximum number of people and attract the right talent for the desired position. However, graphical advert totally kills the SEO factor of the job advert. Headhunters can’t use hashtags within job advert, job posting won’t be able to attract google bots or scrapers, which are re-posting jobs on different platforms without even notifying the original job poster. Also, careers section within website generates lots of traffic for the company. Therefore in my opinion, as far as SEO is concerned graphical advert is total #Counterproductive.


Social media really likes graphical job adverts, as they are easy to share, catchy and trendy. However, textual job adverts really loose their base in this department, as they are lengthy, hard to share via mobile devices and not catchy at all. Therefore textual advert is really are #Counterproductive.


Companies should use the hybrid approach to job posting i.e. a nice graphical presentation with the actual job description. Job’s description should have bullet points instead of lengthy paragraphs and perks can be presented with graphics. Try to create your own graphics, as Google loves original content, which will certainly improve your web presence.

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