Graphical job advert V Textual job advert

Being a #digital #product #developer, I like aesthetics however my focus is always on user experience and usability. These days it is a common trend to create graphical job adverts and share them on different social media platforms but question arise is: Whether those are productive or counterproductive? #Visualization Textual adverts really don’t have visualization at all, they look dull

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7 Essential Apps To Manage Virtual Teams Effectively.

Virtual teams, flexible work hours, work from home, and different time-zones aren’t only vanity perks reserved for high paid executives. These practices are fast becoming the norm; especially in tech world. Modern businesses have come to understand the importance of productivity and value over micromanagement and control. All they want from their employees now to deliver the best solutions possible

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To Attract and Retain Talent Focus on Your ‘Why’

You’re likely already familiar with Simon Sinek’s branding concept that he introduces as “the world’s simplest idea,” or The Golden Circle. While you may have embraced this concept on some level in developing your overall company brand, you may want to consider just how much it could also give you an advantage in today’s global battle for the best talent. According

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